If your two complaints about Thanksgiving dessert are either “it’s too sweet” or “there’s not enough bourbon in this bourbon pecan pie,” you may want to welcome Diageo’s new Piehole Whiskey line into your life.


The Spirits Business reports that there are just three flavors to consider. Of course, they’re three of the most popular pies to grace many Thanksgiving tables:

  • Piehole Apple Pie gives you the flavors of apple pie filling, pie crust, and just a hint of cinnamon and cloves
  • Piehole Pecan Pie offers a taste of toasted pecans, Bourbon vanilla extract, dark brown sugar, and pie crust
  • Piehole Cherry Pie bursts with the essence of sweet baked cherries, and a buttery pie crust.

The Piehole line is made with Canadian whiskey that’s been aged between four and eight years.

Senior innovation manager for the project, Kristin Markovich, told the Spirits Business,

“Many people remember that feeling you get when you first taste grandma’s pies fresh from the oven.

“Piehole is our way of bringing that delicious memory to consumers for any fun occasion and we hope people everywhere will open their pie holes to try these three mouth-watering flavors.”

piehole 1

We’re mildly surprised to note that there’s no pumpkin pie flavor involved. Maybe Diageo feels like the pumpkin-spice-everything bandwagon has passed?

In any case, the only true shock here is that someone didn’t market this idea sooner.

There’s a reason so many pie recipes call for whiskeys and bourbons, even in small amounts: when combined, those flavors just work.

[via The Spirits Business, Grub Street]

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