In the latest “WTF?” moment in the world of alcohol, Lick Me I’m Delicious has come up with a way to make levitating cocktails. You know, just in case you have $48K to blow and are tired of lifting your drink to your lips every time you want a sip.

Chef Charlie Harry Francis dreamt up this crazy concept, outdoing the champage-and-Viagra ice cream he created last spring. He actualized the concept with the help of Bristol University engineer Bruce Drinkwater. No, we don’t think that’s his real name, either.

Together, the pair have created a 70-proof gin and tonic and a 160-proof Bloody Mary, both of which are “served” suspended in midair through the usage of ultrasonic sound waves. At that concentration, you can allegedly get drunk on just four droplets.

We are equally amazed and incredulous of levitating cocktail technology.


Charlie Harry Francis and Professor Bruce Drinkwater with the Levitron. (Photo: Lick Me I’m Delicious)

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