We know drinking impairs good judgment, but this case really redefines the phrase “stupid drunk.” 

WTHR reports that a house party in Johnson County, IN was broken up Saturday night after a teen’s angry parents called the sheriff’s office to report that their kid had come home drunk.

Two of the minors attending that party showed up drunk to bail their friend out of jail. When an officer noticed that they reeked of alcohol, he asked them to take a Breathalyzer test, and arrested them too.

The best part: The dude who was originally put in jail was arrested for underage drinking.

Hanni Bichir, age 20, and Triston Burton, age 19, showed up to the Johnson County Law Enforcement Facility just after 2am, inquiring how they’d go about bailing their friend out of jail.

Bichir registered a 0.161 and Burton registered a 0.135 and were promptly arrested for possession of alcohol by a minor, according to police reports obtained by WTHR. According to Indiana law, BAC over 0.8 is grounds for a DUI if you’re over 21, which is legal drinking age. If you’re under 21, the limit is .02%.

Also of interest in Bichir’s case: apparently, a BAC over .15% is grounds for “more severe punishment.”

arrested development huge mistake

That’s a pretty high BAC, so we’ll hope for the sake of humanity in general that these guys are at least a little smarter when they’re sober. We’re guessing they’re not.

[via WTHR, Fox 59]

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