The culinary innovator that brought you Mountain Dew Baja Blast and Doritos Locos Tacos debuted a few new items this week. Taco Bell’s most notable new menu item is a frozen drink made out of strawberry Starburst, called the Starburst Freeze.

A few customers spotted the Starburst Freeze last month during testing, but as of yesterday, it’s available nationwide. This frozen beverage will undoubtedly fulfill your daily recommended sugar intake with just one sip.


Photo: Grub Grade

Two new Crunchwraps—the California A.M. Crunchwrap (with bacon, hashbrown, eggs, guacamole, Cheddar cheese, and pico de gallo) and the Country A.M. Crunchwrap (with sausage, hashbrown, eggs, gravy, and Cheddar cheese)—also debuted nationwide yesterday. 

Here’s what the Twittersphere has to say about the Starburst Freeze.

[via Taco Bell Facebook]