Hip-hop has a storied relationship with booze. Rick Ross shills sparkling rosé, Bay Area rap legend E-40 has his own wine label, and Jay Z has been pushing “gold bottles”—a.k.a., “Ace of Spades”—down our throats since “Show Me What You Got” came out. And we can’t forget P Diddy’s impeccable Cîroc or Nicki Minaj’s amazing Myx Moscato.

Now, Snoop Dogg has his own booze brand: Cuca Fresca, a “premium artisanal” Brazilian cachaça. “Cuca Fresca” is a common Brazilian expression that means to “have a chill vibe.” Makes sense. According to Spirits Consulting Group, Snoop has joined Cuca Fresca Cachaça as a major shareholder and ambassador.

But why cachaça? Apparently, Snoop has a thing for Brazil culture (wonder why). PUNCH explains,

[pullquote]”When [Snoop] was in Rio de Janeiro with Pharrell Williams filming the video for “Beautiful,” he connected to the culture, the vibe and the Caipirinha, a cocktail that SCG hopes will grow in popularity stateside.”[/pullquote]

We always thought Snoop’s first alcohol venture would be gin, but there he goes defying our expectations.

[via PUNCH]

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