Last year, Nestlé revamped Hot Pockets and gave them a “foodie makeover” to appeal to millennials.

Then the Kate Upton/Snoop Dogg Hot Pockets video happened, and we all took a moment and were actually glad they existed.

hot pockets snoop dogg

But then, in early 2014, there were “diseased and unsound animals” found inside Hot Pockets. Twitter exploded with hilarity, saying things like this:

Now that we’re almost done with 2014, Bloomberg Businessweek has analyzed the Hot Pockets situation.

Apparently, Nestlé is now blaming the end-of-2013 reductions in Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits, saying they’re “a big part of the consumption of this particular product.” 

Nestlé vice president for government relations Molly Fogarty said, in an email: 

“For our Hot Pockets brand, it was not surprising to understand the value our products offered to the SNAP consumer.”

Fogarty told Businessweek that a two-pack is around $2.50, while a bulk 12-pack is $11, bringing the cost down even more.

These are all legitimate claims, but manage to discreetly sidestep one thing: some teen got suspended from Vine for having sex with a ham and cheese Hot Pocket earlier this year.

“Hey,” you might say, “at least the dude actually bought some Hot Pockets!” That’s true, but since that video also went viral, and is definitely a thing you can’t unsee, it probably didn’t help matters.

hot pockets tumblr

Photo: Tumblr/jack-o-dactyl

Then again, we’re also not sure Hot Pockets is really helping itself when it tweets things like this, which we couldn’t make up if we tried:

We say A+ for effort at self-parody, guys.

[via Bloomberg Businessweek]