Lucasfilm, the Disney-owned production company in control of the Star Wars franchise, recently discovered Empire Brewing Co.’s “Strikes Bock” beer, and they weren’t happy about it.

The Disney-owned giant filed a notice of opposition arguing that the beer label could water down Star Wars–themed wine sales at a Napa winery it operates called Skywalker Vineyards. Don’t worry—up until five minutes ago, we had no idea Star Wars wine existed, either.

Lucasfilm says that the popular seasonal Maibock lager should not be granted a patent in advance of bottling and wider distribution, but the microbrewery says it’s been serving the beer at its brewpub for several years now, with not a peep from Lucasfilm (and definitely not a cease-and-desist).

After coming under fire with Lucasfilm, Empire Brewing struck back (har har) with a clever video about “Strikes Bock.”

Empire Brewing Company owner David Katleski says,

“It was never our intention to ‘increase confusion’ but instead pay homage to a great film, as many have done before.”

Katleski says that he hopes Lucasfilm will come to recognize the lager’s name as a parody, which is, as we all know, the sincerest form of flattery.

Peep the Stormtrooper working in the brewery behind them, as well as Director of Brewing Operations Tim Butler’s amazing Chewbacca impression in the video above.


[via GrubStreet]