As Americans, we like to ask ourselves two things on a regular basis:

  • Can you eat it?
  • Is it deep-fried?

Since everyone is currently losing their damn minds over pumpkin spice everything, it seems like recipe blog Oh, Bite It! has reached the only logical #PSL-mania-induced conclusion.

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you the wonder and horror that is the deep-fried #PSL.

deep fried psl 3

Much like its deep-fried root beer float forebears, the deep-fried #PSL relies on a type of sweet dough to saturate before you deep fry it.

The only other way we could imagine this working is if you froze the #PSL, then battered and deep fried it, sort of like those infamous State Fair renderings of fried butter on a stick.

For this recipe, you cube up pound cake or angel food cake, dunk it in Pumpkin Spice Latte, and make sure to have plenty of whipped cream and cinnamon sugar for garnish. Oh, Bite It’s! deep-fried #PSL recipe results in something to chew on, not just something to sip.


Super simple, super #PSL. If you DGAF what #PSL haters say, you can get the full recipe here.

In the meantime, here are a couple more photos of the dessert in all its golden-brown, deep-fried glory.

deep fried psl 4deep fried psl 2

We have to say, this is a way better idea than pumpkin spice “hommus,” which is still giving us cinnamon-and-chickpea-scented nightmares.

[via Oh, Bite It!]

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