Looking at photos of #foodporn on Instagram is great, but how much do you remember a few hours later? If you have a story to go with that beautiful whole roasted sea bass you just cooked, chances are excellent that it’ll stick in your memory.

That’s why former restaurant publicist Ellen Malloy created Morsel, a site and iOS app that encourages chefs, baristas, mixologists, sommeliers, and anyone else who creates to put food photos and stories together.

The result: in-depth portraits of dishes that you rarely get otherwise.

She told Chicagoist about her motivations:

“The way that most of us get into food is through story, and we really want to continue that conversation. It’s not just about reviews on Yelp or food porn on Instagram.”

Morsel is free to use, which is awesome.

Here are some visuals from chef Tim Graham of Travelle in Chicago.

morsel tigella 1 morsel tigella 2 morsel tigella 3 morsel tigella 4 morsel tigella 5 morsel tigella 6 morsel tigella 7 morsel tigella 8 morsel tigella 9

It’s easy to create your own Morsel stories from the iOS app. Erika Kubick of Chicagoist took this screenshot to demonstrate:

morsel new morsel

If you just want to browse, that’s also easy:


One of the reasons we love food: you can tell stories through food. We love the idea of Morsel, because it’s taking some of our favorite parts of glossy food magazines and marrying them with the best parts of food-centered social media. As the community grows, it will only get better.

You can visit Morsel online, or download the iOS app in the iTunes store.

[via Chicagoist, Morsel]

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