Few things bring people together like a great meal, which would help explain Hollywood’s penchant for using food as a narrative device in such classic films as My Dinner with Andre, Tampopo, Babette’s Feast, Eat Drink Man Woman, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Dinner Rush, Super Size Me, Sideways, and Ratatouille…just to name a few.

Like any film genre, there are good food movies and bad ones. There’s also a growing interest in tracing the origins of our food supply, which has resulted in an impressive output of independent food documentaries (many of which you can read about here).


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But when it comes to separating the cream from the crap in the “currently streaming” category of Netflix, we’ve done the prep work for you. From documentaries about the politics of eating, to narrative-driven feature films that throw calorie counts out the window, we’re serving up our picks for the 18 best food movies that you can watch right now on Netflix.

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