Just as Alain de Botton is to the modern workplace, Andrew W.K. is to the modern party—a leading thinker of our age, who has devoted himself fully to all matters related to turning up, letting loose, and embracing life.

For the Stoli “Professor of the Party,” a party is so much more than a place with red Solo cups and “Country Grammar” on the speakers. “Partying as a philosophy is, you’re having a party about partying,” he says. “You’re celebrating the idea of celebration. You’re saying, ‘I’m thankful for the capacity I have to be thankful about everything…or anything.'”

Confused yet? We sent our buddy (and excellent partier) Sean Evans down to Niagra in the East Village to pry into Andrew’s mind and unlock the secrets of an all-encompassing party lifestyle. In the process, they also touch on the effects of gentrification, the difference between a “party place and a party hard place,” and soft things that are nice—like dogs and velvet.

Watch the video above for the keys to a better life.