Bros in NYC may be hooking themselves up to rosé IVs at Bagatelle these days, but around the globe, whiskey is still the weapon of choice for alcohol-fueled kamikaze missions. For example: A Mumford & Sons-loving Welshman (peep the t-shirt) by the name of William Wills recently downed an entire bottle of Jack in 14 seconds—a truly chilling sight to behold.

Any thoughts that maybe this dude is the next Dylan Thomas were put to rest when he opened his mouth and said something completely incomprehensible, at which point we just got confused. That said, don’t mistake this boozehound for the knuckle-dragging “stag idiot” that The Sun has pegged him for—when he’s not getting lit in service-station parking lot, he’s actually an engineer with a solid enough understanding of science to know that a straw helps him chug faster.

Surprisingly, Wills survived this act of foolishness without much (short-term) damage. He told The Sun:

I was fine, for about an hour. I was pretty much instantly hammered. I carried on and stayed out until 3am the following morning. My mates were astonished.”

Needless to say, this is an incredible dangerous/dumb/awful thing to do and you should NOT try it at home (or in a parking lot or anywhere else).

[via Gawker]