How well do you know your Facebook friends?

That’s one of the questions that interested Melbourne-based student Matthew Kuleza. He started his 1000+ Coffees project as “An exercise in remembering to socialise with and get to know people outside of the ‘book.'”

The project is exactly what it sounds like: Kuleza has over 1000 Facebook friends, and he has vowed to meet every single one of them for coffee. 

What’s more, he’s chronicling his coffee-getting adventures on both Facebook and Tumblr. Each entry contains a photo from the meeting, as well as a description of his friend, what they talked about, and what kind of coffee they drank.

He started the project at the beginning of September 2014. As of today, he’s up to Coffee Date #24:

1000+ coffees most recent

Kuleza hasn’t set a time limit for his project, either. He’s said he’ll do it for three years, or as long as it takes. Sleep? He’s a student, he doesn’t need sleep. Come on. (Photo: Tumblr/1000pluscoffees)


Matt’s chronicling of Melbourne’s coffee beverages is a bonus of the blog. One of Kuleza’s new favorite drinks is apparently “a magic,” which he describes on his September 26th entry as being 

a Melbourne-specific coffee. It’s a double ristretto (yeah, I dunno either), served with minimal (or equal parts?) milk. Either way, it was awesome and made me feel slightly psycho all day.” 

For ultra coffee nerds, we found more specific details on the Magic here, in case you want to try to recreate it at home.

1000+ coffees drawing

In one case, Kaleza posted a drawing rather than a photo (see above). The main goal is, apparently, having some sort of visual commemoration that the coffee date took place. Will there be more creative documentation in the future? We hope so. (Drawing: Tumblr/1000pluscoffees)

futurama coffee

We applaud Kaleza’s efforts, and hope he doesn’t run out of latte money any time soon. We also hope he discovers more interesting bits of Melbourne coffee culture to share with those of us who don’t live there.

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