Ah, Labor Day. In theory, a celebration of the American labor movement that honors the achievements of workers throughout U.S. history. But also: another brilliant excuse indulge in feasting, boozing, and parade cruising. As we overheard one Brit explaining to his friend recently, “Mate, it’s the biggest piss-up of the year in America!”

To help you make the most of the day, we’ve compiled some of our best stories that our fit for Labor Day feasting—from an essential smashburger tutorial to a rundown of the summer beers you should be picking up from the package store.

Here’s everything you need to know about eating and drinking on Labor Day: 

Get your wings game tight.

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In this tutorial, chef Tommy Harder of NYC’s Blind Tiger Ale House shows you how to create the ultimate hot wings. He brines the wings in pilsner and tosses them with habanero-spiked “Inferno” sauce.

Entertain on a budget with smashed cheeseburgers.

smashed burger
We’re assuming you already know to ask your butcher for a 70/30 lean-to-fat custom burger blend. Now, you’re ready to cook some patties. Here’s our fool-proof recipe for the smashed burger—the tastiest, quickest, and cheapest burger you can make at home.

Get tipsy on these 25 summer beers.

This list of summer beers includes some truly spectacular brews, like the Lambrucha, a blend of Belgian lambic and kombucha tea. Any of these refreshing beers would make a fine addition to a fireworks-accented picnic session. (Photo: thekitchn.com)

Know about the best boxed wines in the game.

You’ve got the brews, but you know there can never be enough booze to go around. Having long been stigmatized due to their sketchy appearance, boxed wines are truly one of today’s most cutting-edge, eco-friendly alcoholic beverages. Here are five that are worth a try, including Bandit’s softball-friendly Chardonnays and Pinots.

Learn to open a beer in every way imaginable.

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Acquaint yourself with 30 ridiculous ways to open an ice cold beer, all of them ingeniously done without an opener. You will be the talk of the BBQ if you pull off one of these tricks.

Turn up with homemade Phrosties and freezies.

These brilliant DIY booze projects include Tropical Tequila Sunrise Phrosties, blueberry-peach “freezies,” strawberry vodka, and more. Too lazy to DIY? Here are our favorite frozen drinks in NYC(Photo: Cara Eisenpress)

Search out the best hot dogs in NYC.

Naturally, the famous frank from Nathan’s is on this list, as well as DBGB’s gourmet dog and Mile End’s messy, all-beef wiener. (Photo: Facebook/BarkHotDogs)

Expand your burger repertoire.

Photographs for Food52
Consult this winning list of innovative burger recipes, courtesy of Food52. Standouts include a tuna burger with wasabi ginger mayo (pictured above) and a smoky pork burger with fennel and red cabbage slaw. (Photo: Food52