The great minds at Pop Chart Lab want to remind you that September is for beer. To make sure you don’t forget, PCL is releasing two new informative and gorgeous designs this Monday, September 22nd: the Gallery of Beer Glassware and the Chart of Brewing.

The Gallery of Beer Glassware print features 100 beers paired with 16 recommended drinking vessels—from Quadrupel (Goblet/Chalice) to Rauchbier (Stange) to Kristalweizen (Weizen).

beer glassware

The Chart of Brewing poster is a step-by-step diagram outlining each part of the brewing process, from steeping to fermenting to conditioning, all the way up to the finished product.

“This is your guide to the most beautiful birthing process on the planet,” writes PCL, “featuring detailed hand-illustrations of essential equipment and ingredients.”

chart of brewing

You can preorder either of the above prints for just $20, and they’ll begin shipping September 22nd.

If that’s not awesome enough, PCL is expanding beyond mere prints for this stunning Magnificent Multitude of Beer Wall Engraving. According to PCL,

This beer taxonomy is laser-engraved into sustainably harvested walnut ply and meticulously maps brewed goodness, breaking down ales and lagers into 100 delicious styles from hoppy IPAs to fruity lambics, and includes over 500 individual beers as notable examples of each style. The engraving boasts a choice of two crests–either laser-engraved wood or inlaid cast concrete–as well as intricate ornamental designs and a smooth, antiqued cream finish–all inside a durable walnut frame. Each finished engraving is 100% unique and assembled by hand in our Brooklyn workshop.”

Both versions are available now for $175.

beer wood engraving 2 beer wood engraving

We typically have this reaction to most PCL stuff—especially when it’s about beer:


[via PopChartLab]

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