In a seemingly cookie shot-inspired move, L.A.’s Alfred Coffee & Kitchen has created an intriguing dessert/beverage combo in the Alfred Cone: an espresso or macchiato served in a miniature dark chocolate-dipped waffle cone.

While a bit more pricey than your typical morning java at $8 and $9, the dessert-coffee mashup creation is already proving a fan favorite less than two weeks on the market.

Alfred store manager Ashlee Lawson says that the shop is experimenting with the Alfred Cone by adding whipped cream and cocoa powder.

Likening the Alfred Cone to a “baby mocha,” she explained that in addition to the chocolate rim, the cups are also completely coated with chocolate on the inside. To keep things from getting to messy on your morning commute, the Alfred Cone is served in a wax paper holder.

Los Angeles-dwellers can rest assured that when Alfred’s Beverly Hills location opens on Nov. 1, there will be plenty of espresso-filled cones, as well as customers cracked out on caffeine and sugar.

[via LAist]