Any true coffee worshipper will tell you being served the perfect espresso can feel like a religious experience, so it makes sense that those in the industry refer to such a pour as a “God shot.” Thankfully, there’s a way to replicate such a shot, and Toby’s Estate Coffee educator Allie Caran is here to break it down step by step.

In the three-minute video from Business Insider, Caran details the methodical process by which anyone with a decent espresso machine, correctly calibrated grinder, and high quality coffee (not that blasphemous pre-ground stuff) can go DIY.

  1. Pull an 18-gram shot of freshly ground espresso into your portafilter. Make sure not to overpack. (This is where making sure your grinder is properly set comes into play.)
  2. Use your fingers to level off the inside of the filter.
  3. Apply even pressure to the top of the filled portafilter with your tamp (“tamping”) but do not tap the side! Yeah, we’ve all seen it done before by fancy-pants baristas, but turns out it actually disrupts the surface of of your grinds and will throw off your shot.
  4. Lock your portafilter into the grouphead and “pull” the shot (a.k.a. hit the button) to begin brewing. Watch for the stream to increase in velocity and develop a blonde color to judge how well you’ve mastered the process. If the color change happens between the 20 and 30 second mark (25, ideally) there’s a good chance you’ve pulled it off.
  5. Stir the cup with your spoon, drink a sip of water, then a sip of espresso, and then another sip of water to get the most out of the flavor palette.

Master the art of espresso making, and never look back.

[via Business Insider]

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