We all know that some commercials stick with you, long after they’ve stopped airing on TV. We’re guessing that this Gatorade farewell video honoring Derek Jeter and the entire city of New York is one of those commercials.

Plenty of ads feature sports heroes, use Frank Sinatra’s rendition of “My Way,” and are shot in NYC in black and white. But this Gatorade spot is truly special, simply because it’s both beautifully shot, classy, and kind of tear jerking.

Gatorade told Ad Week the spot was a “true collaboration” between the company and one of its most-recognized athletes. All that Gatorade did was rope off blocks around Yankee Stadium to let Jeter mingle with fans. The reactions are genuine—both in the video and on Twitter.

Even skeptics have been won over:

[via Food DiveAd Week]

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