Last Friday, New Yorkers welcomed the city’s first Denny’s restaurant as only New Yorkers would—by shelling out an absurd amount of money and allowing what could have been a simple dining experience to become a media spectacle.

Nestled at the landmark building on Nassau Street, an Upper West Side couple made history at what has been dubbed the “swankiest” of all Denny’s by being the first to purchase the Grand Cru Slam at $300.

One of several exclusive options at this location, the meal consists of two servings of your standard eggs, breakfast meat, hash browns, pancakes, and—last but not least—a bottle of Vintage 2003 Dom Pérignon.

With a generous side order of irony at the ready, Suzanne and Jack Becton sat at the mahogany bar and used the opportunity to celebrate their wedding anniversary and Jack’s belated birthday.


Photo: Julia Xanthos for New York Daily News

Denny’s bar director Mike Capoferri used the photo op to point out that the price was actually quite reasonable in a video for the New York Daily News, noting that most NYC restaurants charge around $400 for a bottle of the bubbly.

“We thought it would be fun to put something like the Grand Cru Slam on the menu just to have a chuckle…but it’s already been quite a hit,” says franchise owner Rahul Marwah in the same video.

In addition to the Dom Perignon, the menu features a wine, beer, and spirits menu unique to the location. After 11am, patrons can order anything from a cocktail called the “Fixed Gear” to a craft brew.

Should customers need something equally high-end to pad their stomachs, the restaurant has also added hearty dinner bakes to its Manhattan menu in Philly cheesesteak, chicken and rice, and Italian meatball lasagna varieties.

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