Chobani has released a “limited batch” of pumpkin spice Greek yogurt, because what the world was absolutely missing was a Fall seasonal, limited-edition Greek yogurt option.

Quartz spoke to Chobani marketing head Peter McGuinness, who said, [pullquote]”We literally can’t keep it on shelves…[it’s] the fastest-growing SKU that we’ve ever had. I think we did a really nice take on it.” [/pullquote]

Unlike some pumpkin spice things, the Chobani recipe does contain actual pumpkin pureenot just the classic spice blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, and brown sugar or maple syrup.

“OK,” you say. “I could be down with it. It’s kind of like a dessert, and it’s creamy like a pie.” Whatever. You do you.

But we can all agree that Cedars Pumpkin Spice “Hommus” is way over the damn line.

pumpkin spice hommus

Photo: Des Moines Foodster

First thing’s first: we love cinnamon and nutmeg and brown sugar. We love fall as a season. Hell, we even love actual pumpkinskabocha, calabaza, any variety you like. They’re great in ravioli, in soup, and even in warm beverages and baked goods.

We can see the (probably very intoxicated) math that led to pumpkin spice whiskey, even if it sounds repulsive and makes us want to vom. And coming up with various pumpkin spice mixes for baked goods (cupcakes, cookies, etc.) has always made sense.

But pumpkin spice Four Loko? Even if this is just a joke, we wouldn’t be surprised if it turned into an actual product.

pumpkin spice vodka

Photo: Twitter

Still, we suppose it isn’t as bad as it could be, because pumpkin spice condoms thankfully haven’t hit the market…yet.

It turns out there’s some science behind why the world seems to have flipped over this whole pumpkin spice thing, though—and it’s not just all the ingenious years of marketing on Starbucks’ part. 

Here’s a video that answers all your burning “WTF is up with this pumpkin spice shit!?” questions:

[via Quartz, Consumerist]

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