Cans have taken over the craft-beer scene in recent years, and for good reason—they’re easier to transport, they keep beer fresher by blocking out light, and they often look like extreme sodas so you can drink them in public.

Now that our friends across the pond are catching the craft bug, it’s fitting that more cans are popping up on shelves in Britain. Traditional Englsih bitters like London Pride and Ruddles County have long been available in tallboys, but The Guardian reports that the trend is taking hold among newer outfits like Camden Town Brewery and Beavertown.

The numbers speak for themselves:

According to Peter Love, the owner of one of the US’s most successful canning companies, Cask, sales of craft beer cans in the US are up 89% year on year; bottles, meanwhile, are only up a pithy 9%. In the UK, it is even more dramatic – specialist beer distributor James Clay, for instance, has seen sales of canned beer rocket by more than 250% this year.

Since we were kind enough to send some Sixpoint stubbies their way, we just hope the Brits will return the favor and ship some of these new cans to the U.S.

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