We’re unsure if the brains behind these Twitter handles are seriously-talented social media departments, or oddballs with way too much time on their hands. Either way, these Twitter accounts are just too much.

From the cheeky Cantina Burrito to the autumnal PSL, follow these food items on Twitter and you will be endlessly entertained.


Twitter handle: @tweetlikeapizza
Followers: 256K
Reasons you should follow this Twitter account: “7 days without pizza makes one weak,” “If bae gives you the last slice of pizza, you know it’s real,” and “people who don’t like pizza are people you don’t need in your life.” There’s so many valuable life lessons coming from this account on the reg, it’s insane.


Twitter handle: @daily_kale
Followers: 22.2K
Turns out kale is sarcastic, obsessed with Misha Collins, and more than a little…murderous? According to kale’s account, this superfood is super savage.

McRib Sandwich

Twitter handle: @McRibSandwich
Followers: 2,417
For such an iconic figure in popular culture, it’s surprising the McRib isn’t as popular on Twitter as some of its food peers. That said, McRib is working to push its way back into the cultural zeitgeist by verbally inserting itself into everything from Taylor Swift to Banksy. The (unsanctioned by McDonalds) seasonal sandwich also enjoys hinting at what it might be made of (e.g. horsemeat, llama knees, and porcupine).

Wendy’s Baconator

Twitter handle: @IAmBaconator
Followers: 35.8K
Unlike the McRib, Baconator is the Real Deal—verified and everything. Chock full of Baconator photos, memes, and nuggets of “bacon wisdom,” we don’t recommend following if you’re on a diet. Or a vegan. Definitely don’t follow if you’re vegan.

A (Simple) Bagel

Twitter handle: @simplebagel
Followers: 33.7K
This bagel is actually a sassy high school student with a sense of humor. For its Tweets, the Simple Bagel draws upon the Disney Channel, total absurdity, and the fact that it recently did the Ice Bucket Challenge. Total Twitter celeb right here.

Pumpkin Spice Latté

Twitter handle: @TheRealPSL
Followers: 82.8K (and rapidly expanding)
We’re calling it now: 2014 is the year of the PSL, and you have social media to thank for it. Even @TheFatJewish is trolling the PSL, so you know it’s real.


Twitter handle: @BaconFeed
Followers: 2,745
All your bacon needs in one convenient location. Consider BaconFeed the bacon aggregator you didn’t even know you wanted. Bacon retweets, bacon Vines, bacon Instagram posts—there’s so much bacon here it’ll have you feeling like a pig.

A Bag of Funyuns

Twitter handle: @funyunsbag
Followers: 598
Unlike some of the other accounts on this list, there is no ambiguity as far as FunyunsBag is concerned: they really are a bag of onion-flavored rings. That’s why they don’t tweet all that much. Essentially, FunyunsBag is just a personal Twitter account with a bunch of Funyuns-centered content. Which is exactly why it’s great.

Mission Cantina Burrito

Twitter handle: @cantinaburrito
Followers: 414
NYC-based Mission Cantina Burritos’ delicious-looking cover photo is among the top reasons you should check out the account. Also, because it seems as if it’s run by someone who likes to get high and think about burritos (Danny Bowien, are you out there?).