“The rest of you f*ck bois will never compare,” warns a Dunkin’ Donuts employee who allegedly announced his departure from the chain via the no-fucks-given Instagram post below. Why Instagram? Because what he had to say to mark his last day at Dunkin’ was “too real for Facebook and Twitter.” Now you know how social-media platforms rank in terms of realness in 2014.

Based on the caption, he took great pride in his ability to serve Boston Kreme that would make people “feel like they had a way out of the struggle,” and whip up iced coffees so good they made “white girls think that it’d be ok to bring me home to their father and tell him they want to marry me.”

Read on and let this man be your inspiration as you stroll out of the office today, head held high. *Geo-tags all Instagram posts “Your Local Dunkin TrapHouse” from now on*


[via Barstool Sports]