Last week I was in London visiting my grandmother, and I wandered down to nearby Dulwich Village with my usual pocketful of jangling sterling, seeking a little respite from the family and a couple pints of bitter. What I quickly realized was that I could barely cobble together enough change for one drink, let alone a mini session.

Boozing in London has always been pricey, but right now it’s crazy—even at the local pub, pints of bitter were approaching $8. That’s a far cry from the $4 that I remember from my post-high school days.

For a sense of how beer prices stack up in major cities around the world right now, check out this booze-for-your-buck infographic from The Wall Street Journal. Rather than bar prices, the chart looks at “the average price of a 330ml bottle at a discount store, including several world-wide brands and a major local brand.”

Currently, £1 equals about $1.66.


[via Wall Street Journal]