Add this to the need-it list of kitchenware: adorable silicone skull-shaped tea brewers.

Korean designer Lee Jinyoung, of I-Clue Design, figured out a way to embellish the ordinary tea infuser by crafting something that draws its inspiration from legend. Designboom will clue you in on the story of how the buddhist Wonhyo and his fellow monks accidentally spent a night in an ancient tomb and how he used a skull to draw water to quench his thirst. But long story short, the product was designed to reflect “the desire to feel Wonhyo’s significant meaning of life and have fun while taking a short time to drink tea in daily life.”

The infusers—which come in black, white, baby pink, and mint green—are made of flexible silicone and each one is attached to a tiny saucer on which the skull can stand, preventing spillage.
More details about the tea infusers’ intricate anatomy: “Multiple perforations have been cut out of the mandible, eye sockets, and front and parietal bones to flow herbs, leaves, and aromas throughout the glass of water.”
Here’s the video/tutorial: 

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