Just this morning, Roy Choi and Coi chef Daniel Patterson took to the stage at the MAD4 symposium to announce an exciting new project: The two chefs will be launching loco’l, a “concept that aims to supplant the fast-food chains and convenience stores that separate our youth from the taste of real food,” according to a post on MADfeed written by Patterson and Choi.

The first branch of the fast food chain will launch in San Francisco in spring 2015 (the second will launch in Los Angeles a few months later). Twitter is already littered with commentary about loco’l.

This seems like a logical move for Choi, who started his career bringing Los Angelenos together from all over the city with his Kogi food trucks, and has publicly expressed his desire to bring real, nutritious food to low-income neighborhoods. Last year, Choi gave a talk at MAD3 in which he talked about hunger, and stated that the world’s best chefs cook mainly for the rich, and that low-income neighborhoods have no access to real food. About the MAD3 talk, he told First We Feast,

[pullquote]”The topic of [this year’s festival] was Guts, so when they gave that to me a few months back I really thought about what are guts and what does it mean to me—I tailored it towards the guts to tell the culinary world that we’re sucking our own dicks. We really think we’re feeding a lot of people and changing the world, but really we’re only feeding a small [portion of] the populace.”[/pullquote]

Loco’l will be Choi and Patterson’s way of bringing the taste of real, honest, affordable food to the youth and low income communities. But it won’t just be Choi and Patterson doing all the hard work. The chefs write,

“We will work with our friends, like Chad Robertson from Tartine, who is creating whole-grain, long-fermented buns for us. Our board of directors will be filled with great chefs who can contribute their knowledge and guidance, like Rene. We hope that loco’l, like MAD, will capture the spirit of our generation: This is a time of collaboration, cooperation, and sharing.”

Below is a mission statement about loco’l from the MADfeed website.

loco’l is the whole idea of local but loco to change. Local meaning family and caring for each other and the world. Loco for not taking the shit that’s being passed down and perpetuated on us. It’s this push and pull of honesty, love, and revolt.

It’s delicious food that crosses all cultural boundaries, that represents what America is now. Tasty, healthful, made from whole foods, good ingredients, principles of sustainability.

We see it as a gathering place which everyone can use in a different way, and where everyone can feel comfortable. We can create workshops and bring in instructors to use the spaces as classrooms for yoga, meditation, art, wellness. Pay our staff good and treat them well. Create a culture of hospitality and caring in everyone who works there. Work with young artists to create kids toys but also to spread culture through their art. Really good lighting. Great music.

We will open in upscale malls and next to highways, in downtowns and trendy neighborhoods. But what will change everything is that we will also open in the inner city areas where there are only big corporate chains, places where you will never see real food or high quality operators. 

SIDE NOTE: We can only hope these Papi Chulo 40s will be available at loco’l…