The Dayton City Paper investigates and reports on a curiously novel, unexpectedly racy find this week: a microbrewery by the name of Pinups & Pints. What it appears to be is a run-of-the-mill strip club in the middle of Medway, Ohio, a cross between tiny farm town and sleepy suburbia. What it is in reality, however, is a gentleman’s club that is brewing its own beer. Craft beer and strippers—what’s not to like?

This is an extraordinary new establishment because, may we remind you: the most scandalous a pint of beer has ever gotten was in the form of Sly Fox Brewing Co.’s first “topless” beer can. (1)

Photo: Cottage Life

Owner Scott Conrad—also a partner behind the famous Centerville club, Diamonds Cabaret, as well as Vue Ultra lounge and Club Masque—transformed the space into a modern, microbrewing topless bar. He also installed a 15-gallon brewery setup with a high-end SABCO computerized homebrewing system in the bar’s back room.

The brewery’s namesake offering, the Pinup Pale Ale, already has a predecessor, California-based Mother Earth Brew Co.’s Pin Up Pale Ale. But for a craft brewery who’s only begun to test the waters, and whose ale, according to the paper’s review, seems to be pretty solid, Pinups & Pints looks like it will soon become a regional landmark.

Photo: Dayton City Paper

Bartender and part-time dancer at the joint, Alisha, says of the new product, “People are interested in the beer. It’s fun to have more to offer.”

Here are some promotional shots, courtesy of the strip club-brewery’s Facebook page:
The brewery logo:

[via Dayton City Paper]