When you die, do you want it to be a somber, serious occasion? Or would you rather make it a big party, and have all your friends and loved ones remember you by having the best time ever?

There’s no wrong answer, of course. But a Belfast-based former soldier named Anto Wickham decided that he wanted to literally crawl into a bottle when he dies.

He paid a special coffin maker in Nottingham £3,000 ($5,059) to carefully craft a coffin in the shape of a bottle of Jack Daniel’s.

JD coffin 4

Wickham isn’t ready to die just yet, but he wanted to be ready for when it does finally happen. His 22 years in the Royal Irish Regiment made him very aware of his own mortality. As he explained to the Daily Mail,

“While working in Iraq after I had a very close call. Over a 28-day period in February 2007 I was attacked 74 times and there were some days we would get three or four hits in one day. I was attacked by heavy machine gun fire, IEDs and roadside bombs.

I lost eight colleagues. At the time I thought I would have to plan my funeral because something could go wrong. I didn’t want a normal funeral and it had to be a celebration of life because I have been to too many funerals of colleagues where they were very sad occasions. I wanted something completely different and I decided my favourite drink is Jack Daniels.”

The craftsmanship in this ten-foot-high bottle is simply amazing. (Photo: The Daily Mail)

JD coffin 6

Wickham has other big plans for his final arrangements. Among them: a solar-powered iPad that plays a video showing the construction of the coffin from start to finish. He also wants to have Guinness delivered to the funeral service in one of the beer company’s delivery vans, if possible.

Last but definitely not least, Wickman told the Daily Mail that he wants his coffin procession to march into his funeral to the sound of the Sex Pistols’ rendition of ‘My Way,’ “because I am doing everything my way and always have done.” (Photo: the Daily Mail)


Wickham isn’t the only one who wants to go out with a bang. The Mirror reported earlier this year about a woman who unfortunately lost her battle with breast cancer. Apparently, Karen Lloyd from Swindon really loved Costa Coffee, so she had her coffin made accordingly.

costa coffee coffin 2

Photo: The Mirror

We’re definitely down with the idea that when you have to leave your friends and family behind, having a joyful celebration of your life isn’t such a bad way to do it. We loved the idea behind NOLA resident Miriam “Mae Mae” Burbank’s funeral—it just seems right to remember someone fun with some fun, you know?

coke bottle coffin

Photo: GhanaWeb

But do you know who’s really at the forefront of the joyous and unusual coffin trend? Ghana-based Kane Kwei Works, that’s who. The company has specialized for a long time in making amazingly intricate and beautiful coffins by hand. Shapes can be anything the family desires—from fish to Coke bottles to airplanes.

You can see a video of their amazing work here. If you click through to watch it on YouTube, it also pulls up a playlist of behind-the-scenes videos at Kane Kwei Works.

We can definitely get behind celebrating someone’s life while we’re mourning their passing—especially if the celebration involves a little Jack.

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