A milkshake is really one of the easiest and quickest things to whip up at home—given that you have the right ingredients. All that you need is good-quality ice cream (Food52‘s Sarah Jampel prefers vanilla ice cream because it is “an endlessly customizable base”), some milk, and whatever add-ins you can dream up. Did somebody say doughnuts and bacon, or was that just the voice in our head?

If you’re in the mood for something that is both refreshing and has wonderful texture, try Food52‘s easy-to-follow, recipe-less instructions for a sweet blueberry shake. The milk to ice cream to add-in ratio produces an ideally thick and creamy drink.

Recipe-Less Blueberry-Graham Shake


  • Any flavor of ice cream you have on hand; sorbet or frozen yogurt can also be used
  • Milk (whole is preferable)
  • Graham crackers and blueberries (see original recipe for other add-in ideas)
  • Whipped cream


Get the instructions and view the full recipe here.
It’s important to use high-quality ice cream—the ice cream determines both the flavor and texture of your shake. 
If you prefer smoother shakes, let the ice cream sit out for a while before blending it in. 
The richer the milk that is used, the richer the shake will be. 
Fresh berries and graham crackers are just a few of the many possible add-ins: also consider chocolate syrup, rum, or homemade Nutella
Top the shake off with light, fluffy whipped cream. Here are some tips. (All photos courtesy of Food52)

This article and recipe originally appeared on Food52.