Don’t know why we haven’t caught wind of everything that Austin Beerworks, a fascinating craft beer brewery based in Austin, Texas, has been doing all these years—but their newest product is explosive, to say the least.

For a limited time only, beer fans can purchase their special-edition 99-pack beer, for the price of $99, in select stores. The pack—weighing 82 pounds and measuring over seven feet—consists of the Peacemaker Anytime Ale, a crisp, light, citrusy ale that has a “slight biscuit/cracker character,” and that won second place at The Great American Beer Festival.

Do keep in mind, however, that “to score one of these rare boxes of beauty” and to check out where you can make your purchase, you have to follow Austin Beerworks on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

After buying the immense pack of beer and enlisting the help of friends, transport it home like so:
And for all you eco-friendly beer drinkers out there: here‘s the brewers’ very thorough explanation on why you shouldn’t fret.
The Austin Beerworks brew team:
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