Back toward the beginning of the year, we were naive and innocent. We thought the trend toward garnishing a Bloody Mary with pretty much every bar food you could think of—including grilled cheese, onion rings, and pierogies—was waning. As it turns out, we thought wrong.

Last week, this Bloody Mary with a whole fried chicken happened, and it made us re-evaluate some things.

The “Chicken Fried” Bloody Beast

fried chicken bloody mary

Sobelman’s Pub and Grill in Milwaukee, WI posted the above creation on their Facebook page. Instantly, the Internet was lit up hotter than poultry-frying grease. Besides the chicken, this Bloody contains something called “Baconadoes,” or “skewers of bacon-wrapped jalapeño cheeseballs.”

That chicken-topped-Bloody is our origin story, but we started digging a little deeper, and found that we could get several protein-packed meals out of the Bloody Marys currently available in this country. Earlier this year, we brought you a list of over-the-top bloodies, but the saga continues, and it’s our very real duty to keep you updated.

Here are a few more completely-insane Bloody Marys to be aware of. Stay woke.

Meta Bloody Mary


Creator: Randy Liedtke

Notable garnishes in comedian Randy Liedtke’s bloody include: a whole pizza, footlong sub, fried chicken, 2 double cheeseburgers, another Bloody Mary, onion rings, fries, and garlic bread. We guarantee you can get at least one or two whole meals out of this monstrosity. (Photo: Randy Liedtke)

The “Wisconsinite Delight”

biggest bloody mary ever made

Creator: Sarah Jayne Pickart of O’Davey’s Pub

Thrillist challenged mad genius bartender Sarah Jayne Pickart (who created the infamous Brewers Bloody Mary) to go even bigger. She was more than up to the challenge, since she’s also the stone-cold brilliant creator of all the crazy bloodies for which O’Davey’s Pub in Fond du Lac, WI is famous.

It looks harmless enough from this vantage point…until you read what’s in it. Lots of pickles, of course. Homemade tomato mix. Ketel One. But then it gets crazy: dill cheese curds, a venison stick, beer salami, corn on the cob, roasted asparagus, a single BBQ rib, prime rib, baby potatoes and mushrooms, a triple-decker fish sandwich, a bacon-wrapped jalapeño popper, a miniature brat, a bison-and-bacon cheeseburger, a single chicken wing, additional bacon, and a slice of freshly-buttered rye bread.

We’re not done yet. The garnish for all these garnishes consisted of teeny cups of coleslaw and potato salad, a ham roll-up, and some whipped mozzarella cheese (because WISCONSIN, DAMMIT). (Photo: Thrillist)

Bloody Jerry

Bloody Jerry

Creator: Sailor Jerry

Did you know that August 16th is National Rum Day? Now you do.

To celebrate, Sailor Jerry whipped up the Bloody Jerry above, which features their spiced rum, a waffle fry, a slider, some pepperoni pizza, and a pickle. They also posted this to promote a contest asking you to post your craziest garnish to any and every social media outlet with the tag #screwthecelery. What do you win? A Sailor Jerry Bloody Brunch, naturally. Full contest details here.

The “Ultimate Bloody Mary”


Creator: Honestly Yum

Celery? Check. Lemon wedge? OK. Various pickled things, including cornichons? Sounds good. Crab claw, shrimp, and bacon? Ummm…in a pint glass rimmed with black lava salt? Insanity. We’re not sure if this is really the Ultimate Bloody Mary, as the recipe creator intended. But it sure is something. (Photo: HonestlyYum)

Meanwhile, Gothamist just wants everyone to stop the Bloody Mary insanity. We’re pretty sure it’s not over until a bacon-wrapped alligator with a whole chicken in its mouth gets involved.

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