The single biggest obstacle to craft and home brewers alike is packaging. It’s cost-prohibitive—not to mention worse for the environment—to bottle beer if your operation is very small. Growlers are really only good for beer if you’re going to drink them really quickly after opening.

What’s a beer lover to do?

Synek co-founder Steve Young and his company think they’ve found the solution.

Synek is a simple countertop appliance that plugs in anywhere there’s an outlet. It uses proprietary cartridges that are filled with your favorite craft beer of choice. The machine keeps your beer cold, and supplies the necessary CO2 whenever you pour a brew. That’s it. Each cartridge holds one gallon of beer—or two standard growlers’ worth.

Here’s the beautiful part: Air never comes into contact with your brew. Synek has developed adapters for both home brewers and craft breweries to get the beer into the cartridge without exposing it to air. The cartridges themselves are airtight as well, so your beer is always as fresh as possible.

You can store filled cartridges in your fridge, ready to load into your Synek whenever you want to switch brews.

What kind of beers will be available for the Synek?

Synek brands available


The breweries above are just the ones that are already on board. Since Synek is offering its adapter to fill its cartridges free of charge, we don’t imagine convincing local breweries to fill your Synek cartridge should be much of a problem.

How do you fill cartridges? Here’s a video:

We love this idea, and seriously hope it gets funded.

If you think it’s as brilliant as we do, you can back the Synek Draft System Kickstarter and get this thing into production. If it achieves its funding goals, the expected launch date is April 2015. Installing a tap room in your house can happen sooner than you might have thought.

[via EaterSynek]