American beer breweries are at their highest levels since the 1870s; they are in fact so bountiful that you can buy art poster mapping them out. Craft and independent brewing in particular accounts for more of the U.S. market share than ever before, and like any expanding industry, it’s looking to go global.

California’s Stone Brewing Co.—the nation’s tenth largest craft brewery—is breaking first ground, announcing this week that it plans to build a major brewery complex in Berlin.

Slated to open in late 2015 or early 2016, it will be the first American owned and operated craft brewery in Europe, according to the press release. The operation will becomes Stone’s European headquarters for production and distribution, and will also incorporate a store and farm-to-table restaurant.


Plans for the future Berlin outpost of Stone Brewing Co. (Photos: Indiegogo)

The company is sinking $25 million into the project, but is hoping to speed things up through an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. Supporters can pre-order limited edition collaboration beers that will be brewed at the new facility; Dogfish Head, Victory, Brewdog, and Baladin have signed up for the joint efforts. Other perks include beer dinners and an invitation to the opening party, which will probably be really fun if you happen to be passing through Berlin in early 2016.

Check out the enthusiastic (if slightly overwrought) campaign video above, and read the full press release on Eater.

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