When picking a destination to travel to, it’s imperative to consider all possible voyage costs including food, lodging, souvenir purchases, and (most importantly) beer.

Below is a breakdown of beer prices across continents and by country, so that you can decide how much you’d like to spend on your brewscapades. Ukraine and Vietnam have the lowest prices for beer, tying at $0.59 for a 0.5 liter bottle of domestic beer. Other cheap beer destinations include Cambodia, Czech Republic, China, Serbia, and Panama. 

The infographic also details which countries spend the most/least on beer every year, based on price and consumption per person. Australia wins at $748 a year per person. Other countries that spend an exorbitant amount on beer are Ireland, the US (at $356 a year), and Germany. 

The priciest beers can be found, unsurprisingly, in the Middle East, where alcohol is banned in several countries.

For your boozing consideration, study this infographic below. 


[via FinancesOnline.com]

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