The only thing balding, post-college bros love more than golf is drinking, so it’s likely that they’ve discovered a new hero in Northern Irish golfer Rory McIlroy, who appears to have celebrated his third Major Championship victory this weekend in an unconventional way. Bro Bible tracked down an Instagram photo showing McIlroy’s family (hey, mom!) pouring Jägermeister into the Claret Jug.

Drinking out of the trophy certainly isn’t unheard of. Since winning 2013’s tournament, Phil Mickelson has apparently been sipping fine wines out of it, including a $40,000 bottle of 1990 Romanee Conti. But let’s be real: he should have properly decanted that one. The Claret Jug is best suited for shots! shots! shots! shots! shots!

Here’s Mcllroy’s own (and slightly more tame) snap from the festivities:

The big winners here are really the Jägermeister execs, though, who now have another bit of free PR to help them fight back Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey‘s rise as the official drink of frat moves.

Either way, congrats to McIlroy and his fam—they deserve to celebrate.

[via Bleacher Report]