Food Network host Alton Brown appears in the premiere episode of Ora TV‘s new series, Brown Bag Wine Tasting. The show follows actor and comedian William Shatner as he asks famous personalities to blindly taste wine and talk about their lives.

In the episode, Brown makes biscuits and gravy from a recipe that was passed down to him by his grandmother “Ma” Mae. Alton explains that in Mae’s day, cooking was about taking ownership of a dish or a recipe. He also talks about how, after his dad passed away when he was ten, he found a fatherly figure in actor Humphrey Bogart.

Mid-episode, Alton proclaims that “‘chef’ is the most overused and abused word in the English culinary language.” He goes on to explain that the word should only be used in one of three ways: when referring to a job; as a term of respect; and, interestingly enough, as a sign of disrespect.

“You gave me a joyful experience,” says Shatner after tasting the biscuits.

“And that is cooking,” replies Brown.

Catch new episodes of Brown Bag Wine Tasting on OraTV online every Monday and Thursday morning.

[via The Daily Meal

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