And now, for the mookiest thing we’ve seen on the Internet today: Hammered partygoers at the Marquee Dayclub at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Vegas pay $20,000 to have their booze delivered via drone. 

Watch the Vegas partiers—most likely EDM fans who think truffle mac and cheese is the pinnacle of gastronomy—wait with arms wide open for the booze to drop.

According to Eater, the 20k price tag also includes “an aerial photo of the group, so people can post just how much of a dummy they are on Instagram.”

The hooch-delivery robot can fly in 30 mph winds, and climb to 100 feet. If you haven’t filled your quota of drone-delivery videos this afternoon, head here to see a drone deliver Champagne at Casa Madrona hotel in Sausalito, CA.

[via Eater]