Has it been a long time since you thought about Sunny D? Us, too.

But the orange-colored drink is back on our brains now that the Sunny Delight Beverage Company has announced the release of Sunny D X, its “extreme” new energy drink. Here’s the kicker: The drink contains neither caffeine nor taurine—it’s simply a carbonated juice drink with a ton of Vitamin C, as well as seven B-vitamins and a combination of carbs. The drink’s tagline? “Solar power. Intense taste.”

Here are a few reasons you might want to try it:

You want an energy drink without caffeine or taurine

Triathlete Europe reports that caffeine (obviously not in dangerously high doses) has well-documented, positive effects on the body. Reduced brain and muscle fatigue, enhanced endurance, pain reduction, and even speedier recovery times have all been reported as results of moderate caffeine consumption.

However, taurine is another story entirely. Taurine became a go-to for energy drink manufacturers because of some studies done on rats. Rats and humans don’t share physiology, and it’s unclear whether increased endurance in rats equates to increased endurance in humans.

Not only that, but mixing taurine and caffeine together actually means they cancel each other out. Why? Because taurine activates the receptors in your brain that decrease mental alertness and tell your brain that you need sleep.

Next time you have an energy drink crash from a drink that has it, blame the taurine.


You miss Sunny D from when you were a kid

Back in the day, that purple stuff never had a chance. Now, Sunny D X is a carbonated juice drink that still has a bunch of vitamins — 100% of your daily value of vitamin C, three energy-boosting carbohydrates, and seven different B vitamins to help your system metabolize those carbs into energy, according to Beverage World.


You live in Boston, Philadelphia, or Washington, D.C.

Sunny D X is still in the test market phase, and these three cities are ground zero, according to the official Sunny D X website.


Your palate has expanded beyond orange

Just one flavor wasn’t enough for the rebirth of Sunny D. The Sunny D X energy drink comes in lemon/lime, orange, and fruit punch.


You’re a teenager in Lithuania who’s in need of an energy drink

On May 15, Lithuania became the first country in the EU to ban sales of energy drinks that contain caffeine and taurine (and some other stimulants) to teenagers, reports RT. While that isn’t a place where Sunny D X is currently sold, it’s nice to know that it wouldn’t be covered under this ban. See? It’s wholesome (ish).

We just hope that Sunny D X works out better than Tab Energy Drink.

[via The Daily Meal]