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What’s Behind the Cocktail World’s Obsession with Fireball [via Punch]

The cinnamon-flavored whiskey called Fireball is generally associated with sloppy, frat-boy antics, but Drew Lazor finds that it’s making its way into craft cocktail bars. Why? His compelling theory begins with an Instagram of a mixologist in an American flag bikini.—Chris Schonberger

Seed Lending Libraries are Cropping Up Across the Country [via WBUR]
“Back in the day everybody saved seed,” says Concord Seed Lending Library‘s Enid Boasberg. “Gardeners saved seed. Certainly farmers saved seed.” Recently, gardeners and farmers have started lending their seeds to libraries in an effort to preserve heirloom fruit and vegetable varieties and protect biodiversity.—Liz Barclay

The Evolution of IPAs [via Imbibe]

The IPA is the reigning champ of the craft-beer scene—not only is it the fastest-growing beer style in America, but its in-your-face bitterness has been a key distinguishing factor between artisan products and mass-market lagers. Josh Bernstein provides a neat overview of the new developments into IPA brewing, from the rise of the low-ABV session IPA, to lesser-known hops making their way into brew kettles.—Chris Schonberger

Why Artistically Presented Food Tastes Better [via The Guardian]

A study has shown that an artful plate of food tastes better—perhaps due to the effort that has been put in, or maybe for more complex reasons. Essentially, other people’s effort tastes good.—Erin Mosbaugh