What if you went to a rave at 8am instead of at night? What if at that rave, you were offered coffee and fruit-infused water instead of MDMA and lines of cocaine?

The New York Times reports that two early-morning, club-like dance parties are happening in Williamsburg. The first, called Daybreaker, is held at the club Verboten three times a month and runs from 7am to 9am. The fee to attend is $25.

la [Photo: New York Times]

NYT contributor Stacey Anderson writes,

“The event, which had its debut in December and moves from place to place, darkens its spaces to mimic the typical rave experience, quite convincingly.”

The second AM rave experience, called Morning Gloryville, also shuns alcohol.

We know what you’re thinking—if there was only alcohol served, this would be a great after-after-hours spot to hit up. Sorry to rain on your parade, but Matthew Brimer, a co-founder of Daybreaker, tells the NYT,

“I have not seen one person treat this as an after-hours event. We really discourage that.”

First we hear that yogurt is about to become the official state snack of New York, and now this. That’s it, we can’t take anymore.

[via New York Times]