Since launching earlier this year, Ezra Klein’s Vox has never been shy about its obsession with Big Data. If he and his cronies can make their point with a chart or an graph, they will.

As fans of a good infographic ourselves, we’re enjoying Vox’s compilation of “40 maps that explain food in America.” They run the gamut from serious (a look at food-stamp participation across the country) to whimsical (a cool buy heavily biased breakdown of regional BBQ styles), painting a broad portrait of how we grow, eat, and talk about food in the U.S.

Check out some of our favorites below, then head over to Vox for the rest.

What Did American Agriculture Look Like in 1922?

vox_Old_School_Crops via sverdrupian/Reddit

Where Does America Raise Its Livestock Now?

vox_animals2007_big via Radical Cartography

Where Can You Drink on the Streets?

vox_publicdrinkingmap-thumb via HuffPo

Where Are the Waffle Houses?

vox_waffle_house_height via Mapsbynik 

Where Do People Say Pop Versus Soda?

vox_soda_v_pop via

[via Vox]

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