Raw milk rackets and secret grilled cheese drops are old news. New York’s latest buzzy underground delivery service is for Phrosties, multicolored booze slushies available via Instagram.

“It’s like drinking frozen Kool-Aid, mixed with Red Bull and spiked with 150-proof Everclear,” said Grub Street of the mysterious $10 refreshments, which come in a variety of legit-sounding flavors like Blue Hawaiian and Dragonberry Colada. Would be customers need to follow a private Instagram account; once accepted, orders can be placed via text message. The home delivery service operates 24-hours a day—until now.

Senator Chuck Schumer has targeted the clandestine beverages, reports CBS, citing concerns that underage customers might be getting their hands on unregulated and potentially dangerous alcoholic drinks. The State Liquor Authority is now investigating, and the Phrosties Instagram page has been scrubbed squeaky clean.

According to Punch, the page had more than 18,000 followers at one stage; it’s now down to around 300, with just a single post showing a red, white, and blue phrostie—probably a subtly coded libertarian response to the scourge of government overreach.

[via Punch]