Each Sunday, the FWF team selects the most inspiring, enlightening, and fascinating stories from the previous week. Spend your day of rest reading some exceptional food journalism.

What Farm-to-Table Got Wrong [via New York Times]

Dan Barber points out that “Big Food” is getting bigger, not smaller, despite the fact that 80 percent of Americans now say sustainability is a priority when purchasing food. So, what are we doing wrong? We need to stop “cherry-picking” the products we want most without supporting the whole farm, says Barber. He argues that diversifying our diet to include less-coveted crops is the key to driving lasting change.—Erin Mosbaugh

Why Does airplane food taste so bad? [via The Atlantic]

Salty and sweet tastes are significantly impaired in the air. Bitter and umami tastes survive better. Regardless, food has most definitely been phased out as an essential part of the airline experience, and innovation is wanting.—Erin Mosbaugh

Conflict bubbles: inside SodaStream’s occupied territory factory [via The Verge]

You may remember earlier in the year when Scarlett Johansson fell under criticism for her endorsement deal with SodaStream, which manufactures its home carbonation systems in an Israeli settlement. Somehow, the gadget maker has become “an international symbol for the Palestinian struggle in the West Bank,” writes Peter Savodnik. He investigates the factory and its employees to find out what it’s like to work in an occupied territory.—Chris Schonberger

Michel Bras: Every Day I Discover and Rediscover My Vegetables [via MadFeed]

French chef Michel Bras—the man behind the famous gargouillou—reflects on his love and mastery of vegetables, sharing stories from his childhood in Aubrac. Read for some insight into a mind that has changed gastronomy forever, and also for some really excitable vegetable writing: “What a delight it is to grasp the crisp zucchinis, to prick your finger on the Basella alba, with its flaming red stems! What a pleasure it is to listen to the market gardeners tell their latest adventures!”—Chris Schonberger