Coke is bringing us one step closer to the futuristic world of sci-fi movies with a new smart-fridge that uses facial recognition technology to sell you more drinks. (Side note: If anyone from Coca-Cola is listening, we’re still waiting for hoverboards over here.)


The Big Brother-style vending machines were developed by Australian digital agency TKM9, and are being tested in Australia, Atlanta, Tokyo and London, reports AdNews.

The souped up machines are fitted out with digital LED screens and cameras, which they use to gather intel like your age, gender, mood, location, and even the current weather. Then, they hit you with tailored content ranging from target ads to songs or games you might like.


According to Coca-Cola Amatil (the largest Coke bottler in the Asia-Pacific region), the results have been good for business so far. “CCA said the digital coolers are expensive but they’re already boosting beverage sales by about 12 per cent compared to CCA’s drinks in standard fridges,” reports Business Insider.

So this is the sinister future of soda: Corporations watching you through their fridges, and potentially employing racial and gender profiling to sell you their products. If that makes you uncomfortable, you’ll just have to send your robot butler to get a soda for you.

[via Business Insider]

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