Sundays are a great day for feasting, imbibing, and relaxing. You can go the Bloody Mary route, mull over the New York Times Travel section whilst sipping coffee or tea, or gorge on your favorite Sunday brunch fare.

Peoples’ specific Sunday routines usually depend on the country they’re from. This eye-opening infographic, made for by NeoMam, outlines the Sunday habits of people from around the globe.

Germans drink the most amount of coffee on Sundays, while Indians drink the most tea. We are also treated to a wide variety of breakfast foods that are distinct to cultures around the world, along with nifty info on Sunday sleep patterns (nearly 50% of full-time workers find it hard to drift off before the work week).

Check out the charts below, then head here to view the entire eye-opening infographic.

Indians drink the most tea


Brits eat the most cereal


Germans drinks the most juice

juiceBreakfast dishes from around the worldbreakfastsarepa

Popular Sunday dinners from around the worldnightSunday sleep patternsnight2

[via Design Taxi]