Yesterday, we met the man who gained Internet fame by purchasing the most expensive Starbucks drinks of all time—a $54.75 Sexagintuple Vanilla Bean Mocha Frappucino. Today, we bring you another modern-day American hero: The young woman who jumped off a 50-foot cliff in order to win 24 cases of Coors Light. In the words of Desus, Obama gotta speak on this.

The stunt was performed in response to the #FreeCoorsLight campaign, in which the brand asked fans, “How far would you go for free Coors Light?”

Michelle Sardina, a 21-year-old rising senior at the University of Florida, was one of three winners. In her video submission above, she announces, “I wouldn’t jump off a cliff because my friends told me to, but I’d do it for free beer, right?” She also drops an uncertain, “hastag free Coors Light beer,” before sprint toward the precipice and screaming, “For free Coors Light beer.

cliffjumpShout out to the legal department from Coors Light for whatever fine print was required to ask Americans to go to any lengths necessary in the pursuit of 288 cheap beers. The contest is pretty much the corporate equivalent of Neknominate, where people on the Internet challenge each other with moronic drinking dares.

Thankfully, Sardina lived to tell the tale—and to get her beer. According to the Florida Keys Keynoter, Coors Light sent team of scuba divers to surprise her with the cases of brew when she was out kayaking with a friend.


Photo: Deb Wonderlin via Keynoter

I’d probably jump off a cliff to avoid drinking Coors Light, but that’s just me. Cheers to Sardina for living the American dream.

[via Keynoter]