Maybe restaurant discounts that reward you just for being you are a Japanese thing. We’re not sure, but Carino Japanese Bistro in Calgary, Alberta, gave one Mother’s Day family a nice surprise yesterday: a $5 discount for well-behaved kids—which is, incidentally, half the cost of the bistro’s strawberry tiramisu.

Meanwhile, in Tokyo, the restaurant Otasuke decided to help some bald (and balding) salarymen out with a 500 yen ($4.92) discount just because they’re losing their hair. Apparently, all bald and balding men who enter are eligible to receive the discount.

Encouraging well-behaved kids is always a good idea in our books—we wish some airlines would do the same. As for balding men, we guess they could use a break, but there are probably other ailments more deserving of special treatment.

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