Revenge is coming—this time, in the form of a dubbel from Brewery Ommegang.

For the fourth installment of its limited-release Game of Thrones beer series, the Belgian-inspired New York brewery asked fans on its Facebook page to vote for one of four brew they wanted to see made.

The winner is Valar Morghulis, which means “All men must die” in High Valyrian. In keeping with the theme, the corks in each bottle will say “valar dohaeris,” which translates to “all men must serve.” The 8%-ABV dubbel beat out Seven Kingdoms (tripel), Hand of the King (quad) and Khal (quad) in the contest.

The 750ml bottles won’t hit shelves until fall, but in the meantime you can hold yourself over with the Fire and Blood red ale, which is the only GoT beer still available. Use Ommegang’s handy beer locator to check for it in your area.

[via Mashable]