Scandinavian designers know that you can never have too many pointless, single-function kitchen gadgets—like this Beer Foamer, a piece of equipment so sexy and hyper-specialized that you’ll consider getting married just to put it on your registry.


Here’s how the contraption works: Simply pour a centimeter of your brew into this container and press a button. In about 20 seconds, the battery-powered frother will whip up a head for your brewski, which can be poured on top of your formerly flat, boring drink.


As beer purists, we’d argue against messing with a good craft brew—if a beer is properly stored and served, it should sport the precise amount of head that it’s intended to have. That said, as nitro-poured Guinness has taught us, screwing around with beer foam isn’t entirely unheard of. And if a beer is crappy to begin with, why not give it a try?

NORM Architects, which designed the foamer for Danish brand Menu, may not be revolutionizing the beer game, but the firm has created one hell of a party trick. If you’d like the mouthfeel of your next ale to resemble a cappuccino, pick one up for 300 Danish Krone, or around $55 USD.


All photos via Dezeen.

[via Dezeen]

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