In light of President Obama’s diplomatic visit to Tokyo this week, the city has gone a little overboard on security.

Vending machines across the city are duct taped shut, supposedly to prevent potential terrorist attacks (and snacking between meals).

The security measures include both beverage and ice cream machines, reports Rocket News 24.

Visitors to Tokyo are sure to notice how seriously the city takes security, especially since they only used plastic tape to close up the machines. At least it looks like an extremely professional tape job. We’re talking coin drop, vending slot, and even change return.

News of the shut-up machines follows a report that all coin-operated public lockers will be out of service during the visit. The government of Japan doesn’t want any ice cream-eating, backpacking-stowing criminals getting near our president.

One thing’s for certain: Obama’s probably enjoying some vending machine Doritos from a super-secure machine that the proletariat can’t reach. Thanks, Obama.

Scroll down to see photos of secured vending machines.

[via Rocket News 24]